Customized Designs on a Low Cost WordPress Platform


At Gordon Lake Productions we understand that our clients want the latest in design and technologies while keeping prices low and ease of use high. That is why we start with a WordPress base, which makes it easy for anyone in an organization to update a website.
We then build a customized website on top of the WordPress platform with add-ons that implement just about any functionality available on the web. This solution not only keeps the cost down, it future proofs a site by keeping it compatible with more than 10,000 add-ons, most of which can be implemented without the assistance of a programmer or a web designer.



Looks Great On All Devices

We design websites that look great on all devices including tablets, laptops, desktops and cell phones. From responsive designs to device specific versions, our designs are not limited to single platforms.

SEO and Social Integration

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Integration come standard with all of our designs. From simple links to embedded social streams, our designs take full advantage of all social and marketing platforms.




Thousands of Plugins to Help Extend Functionality

From membership to eCommerce to Event Calendars, add-ons can increase the power and functionality of a website without substantially increasing its development cost. We deliver functionality without compromising the look of a site.





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