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The production side of Gordon Lake Productions is Project Management. We bring together and manage the talent, crews, equipment and resources that match your budget and desired outcome.
Whether your project is bound for the Web, TV, Theater or Mobile Devices, Gordon Lake Productions has the experience and flexibility to deliver high-end videos, even on low-end budgets.




Gordon Lake Productions uses only Freelance talent and can therefore bring anyone to the table you desire. You are limited only by your budget and time restraints. We can handle every line item in your budget or just fill in the holes if most of your team is already in place.


As with talent we only use Freelancers, but because we put crews together often, we can send you crews that are used to working together to assure a cohesive work-flow.




Technology evolves fast and Gordon Lake Productions remains at the forefront of that evolution. We not only use but test technology and equipment constantly to find the most cost effective gear for our client’s projects without jeopardizing quality. And we match that technology with those most experienced to use it.




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